Afraid of Painting Your Furniture?


arhaus grey tablesIf Bassett, Crate & Barrel, and Ballard Design are painting theirs, why are you afraid to do it?

painted dressor crate and barrelSo much of our wood furniture–whether a scratched family heirloom or end tables we picked up in college–has the potential to be painted.  And, most importantly, painted furniture gives the piece another lifetime of use.painted dressor crate and barrel

At Elegant & Refined, we paint furniture by preparing and sealing the wood first.  We only apply paint that has been created for wood surfaces and lastly we lock in the paint with poly or wax.

Painted furniture is not only in style now but it truly can perk up a room with a hint of color that breaks up a monotonous décor.

An important footnote is that we do not recommend painting all wood.  Some of our furniture will never be painted.  The luster and grain of the wood means some pieces should not be touched. We have turned away potential clients because their wood furniture doesn’t need to be covered with paint.

How do you know if your furniture is ready for paint?  We recommend painting wood furniture that is faded, scratched or so out of style you are ready to pitch it. Let us help you decide and we will tell you the truth.

Once a client has picked a color, we often prepare paint boards so you get a look at what the paint will look like on the selected piece.

Still afraid?  Call us and we can walk you through your fear!



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