Our oldest hand painted piece to date

A dear old friend asked if we could update a desk that her father built back in shop class in high school. It had been sitting in her attic for decades waiting for attention. Except for a few rusty hinges and handles and a broken back cover, it was in pretty good shape.

handcrafted drop leaf deskDiane Page desk detail


We started with a thorough cleaning, light sanding and minor repair work.

handcrafted drop leaf desk
Our client wanted to brighten this up for her daughter’s New York City apartment and she requested a robin’s egg blue as the central color. We were able to custom make this color using latex paint that we had on hand and adding one part calcium carbonate to two parts paint to create our own chalk paint.

After painting just one coat of color on the piece we gently sanded it to get some of the old wood to shine through and then applied a medium dark wax for additional detail. Here’s how it turned out! Another happy client! And we’re thrilled that one of our hand painted masterpieces now resides in the Big Apple!

hand painted drop leaf desk

hand painted drop leaf desk

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