Re-Do Furniture with Good Bones

Julie white end table before 2With Halloween around the corner, what better time to talk about bones!  The old saying “it’s got great bones” is so appropriate when talking about  wood furniture!  Good Bones in our business means solid wood that’s perfect for a re-do and impossible to toss.

There are two big things to look for when considering a refresher on your wood furniture: composition and construction. For example, look for joint construction and if there’s glue involved, you shouldn’t see it.  If you do, you will likely be re-gluing the piece annually.

Structurally, look for solid wood or sturdy plywood, as opposed to pressboard. Don’t be fooled by terms like “hardwood” and “softwood,” which have more to do with the types of trees the wood comes from rather than the type of construction.

And lastly, forget the term “Destroy” when your solid wood furniture has “Good Bones.”File Sep 30, 5 11 27 PM

Check out these accent tables both solid as they can be and refurbished by Elegant & Refined for another lifetime of use.




Julie white end table after










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