IMG_0030-1For over 30 years now, I have watched sadly as quality furniture stores in the DC area have closed down.  Inexpensive imports turned up in the big box stores appealing to the constant flow of young workers and families who migrate to the area, leaving both us old and new timers little choice.

Luckily, some families bring along beautiful furniture that has been passed down for generations or pieces they invested in years ago.But even those cherished pieces have been dinged and scratched by children, animals and careless party goers who left a cold drink on grandmother’s hutch.

IMG_0035-1To respond to this conundrum, small companies like ours began painting furniture to give solid wood furniture owners the option of using their pieces for another lifetime.

Today’s blog gives you a peak at some of our work and encourages you to review your  solid wood furniture pieces in the attic or basement or hiding in plain site.

We are a women-owned small business supported by a troupe of delivery guys and a great community. Chain Bridge Bank (,  Cooper rocker finishedMcLean Hardware(, and Color Wheel ( have all welcomed us and worked with us over the past three years so we can keep providing a unique hand painted furniture service, unlike any others.

Don’t fret because you can no longer purchase a Baker or Henredin original of fine quality solid woods.  Take the old ones and let us  breathe some new life into them. You won’t regret your decision and your bank account will thank you for trying something new!






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